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What is Vetstoria?
We operate a pet portal giving you access to your pet's health
records online, anywhere, anytime
Our goal is to help pet owners understand and monitor their
pets' health through improved communication with their veterinary team
24/7 online access to your pet's own medical history which has been directly synchronised with your vet's computer database. This includes every service, medication and food dispensed by the clinic along with label instructions when applicable. Other recorded data such as weight records and preventive treatments are also available.
Automated - yet customisable - vaccination, flea and worming treatment reminders. Notification can be email, SMS or through the mobile application.
Ability to request an appointment and re-order repeat prescriptions whenever and wherever you are.
Possibility to receive online updates if your pet is hospitalised and picking up the phone is difficult (work, holidays, etc.).
Ask non urgent questions directly to your veterinary clinic.
Most veterinary clinics use a computer system to record every aspect of their activities where each client and patient has a unique file. With the agreement of the registered clinics, Vetstoria pulls selected data (reminders, treatments, weight chart) from their computer system to create your pet's profile.
This pet profile is then made available on a secure platform online and on a mobile application to you. The platform also provides a communication module to allow online interactivity between you and your veterinary clinic.