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1. Do I need a seperate pet portal for each of my pets?

No. Your pet portal is synchronised with every active pet currently registered at your veterinary practice. You will find all your pet's health information centralised on your pet portal.

2. How can I get a pet portal?

You simply need to give your email address to your veterinary practice. Upon registration by your practice, you will receive an email invitation asking you to confirm your details and choose a password. From then, you will be able to login to your pet portal at your convenience.

3. Can I change my email address?

A. I have received a registration request from my veterinary practice via Vetstoria, but I have not confirmed it yet. I would like to continue but would prefer to use a different email account. Can I change my email account?
Yes - you will need to request your veterinary practice to change the email address on their system, and you should receive a new registration message on to your new email account.

B. I already have a confirmed Vetstoria account, can I change my email address?
Yes - please email us a change request to You need to send us this request from the same email account which is currently registered on Vetstoria.

4. How secure is Vetstoria?

Your information is stored on a secure server and is not accessible by other users. The information visible to you is generated every time you log in, and as such is only available when accessed using your login credentials. Please view our privacy policy for further information about how your information is handled.