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About Us

Our secure platform is designed to give the veterinary clients access to their pet's health care and medication schedule. Vetstoria also makes it effortless for the pet owner to connect with his veterinary practice online.

How We Do It

Most veterinary clinics use a computer system to record every aspect of their activity where each client and patient has its unique file. With the agreement of the registered clinics, Vetstoria pulls selected data (reminders, treatments, weight evolution) from their computer system to create a Pet Profile.

This Pet Profile is then made available on a secure platform online and on a mobile application to the owner of that pet. The platform also provides a communication module to allow online interactivity between the pet owner and the veterinary clinic.

Benefits for the Pet Owners

Our goal is to help pet owners understand and monitor their pets' health through improved communication with their vet.

Key benefits associated with using Vetstoria as a pet owner are as follows:

  • 24/7 online access to your pet’s own medical history directly taken from your clinic computer system. This includes every service, medication and food dispensed by the clinic along with label instructions when applicable. Other recorded data such as the weight evolution is also available.
  • Automated - yet customisable - vaccination, flea, worming treatment reminders. Notification is both by email and through the mobile application.
  • Ability to request appointment and re-order repeat prescriptions whenever and wherever necessary.
  • Possibility to receive online updates about an hospitalised pet when picking up the phone is difficult (work, holidays ...).
  • Ask non urgent questions directly to your veterinary clinic.

Benefits for the Veterinary Clinic

Using Vetstoria is a strong and innovative move towards better customer care which will improve client satisfaction and loyalty to your clinic. More specifically, key benefits associated with using Vetstoria in your practice are as follows:

  • Improve client compliance with the introduction of automatic email reminders for preventive medicine and re-visits.
  • Improve the communication with your clients. Use our online hospitalisation update facility to avoid telephone ping-pong with your clients. Use the picture upload facility to personalise your messages and get a WOW factor.
  • Improve your marketing effort by targeting your offers to the relevant client.

How We Make Money

The relationship between a veterinary surgeon and his/her client is based on mutual respect and trust. As a company, we want to have a similar relation with our users and, in an effort to be completely open, would like to explain clearly how we create the revenue necessary to keep developing our product.

  1. Subscription from the Veterinary Clinic - The veterinary clinics who want to provide a Vetstoria profile to their clients and use our service to optimise their communication and marketing effort pay us a monthly subscription.

    The subscription cost depends on the clinic size. For more information, please send us a message via
  2. Data Aggregation - We aggregate the clinical information present on Vetstoria, remove any personal data (pet owner name, username, email) and sell it to our partners.
    Our partners are the pharmaceutical and specialist pet food companies. They are developing and manufacturing products that are used daily to treat our pets.
    By selling this data and engaging our partners in conversations about pet owner's needs, we are helping them understand the real-world medical value of their products so they can improve them. We are also helping companies accelerate the development of new solutions for patients, therefore improving animal health and welfare.
  3. Performing Quick Surveys - We do not rent, sell or share personally identifiable information for marketing purposes or without explicit consent. However, Vetstoria will, on behalf of its partners, send short questionnaires on specific topics.

    For example, questions regarding:
    •The use of flea preventative addressed to the pet owners.
    • The prescription of flea preventative addressed to the veterinarians.
    • It is obviously easy to opt out of those occasional surveys.

    Note that the veterinary practices will be made aware of the survey in advance and have the right to refuse their diffusion to their clients.
  4. Marketing Support - Some companies have expressed the wish to provide support to their customers using Vetstoria and provide us with a revenue to do so.

    For example, we notify a prescription pet food company that a pet owner started using their “Renal Support” diet. The company then contacts the pet owner through Vetstoria (we never share personally identifiable information) and provide a free-of-charge nutritionist consultation regarding the optimal use of their diet.

    The veterinary practice is made fully aware of this service and can refuse it.


Vetstoria was founded by two practising small animal veterinarians. Both qualified from the university of Liege, Belgium in 2001. Their shared passion for customer care led them to create Vetstoria.

Julien Renard DVM MRCVS

"After practising both small animal and equine medicine in France and Belgium, I have now settled in the UK. I strongly believe my patients get optimal treatment when the pet owner completely understands and adheres to the therapeutic plan.

I am in charge of all technical aspects of the website. Should you encounter any malfunction within Vetstoria, please let me know and send me an email at"

Julien Poublon DVM MRCVS

"I have been working as a small animal vet in the UK from the moment I qualified in 2001. Over the past few years, I have read recurrent bad press about the veterinary profession in our newspapers. To me, this illustrates the communication gap that has been growing between the vets and their customers.

I will be helping the veterinarians to understand how to use Vetstoria as an effective customer relation management tool. Should you wish to discuss this or any other issue regarding our community, please let me know at"

Damjee Ediriweera PhD

"I am a technologist. I have been involved with Vetstoria since 2010 as its chief software architect.

I will be helping clients understand technical aspects of implementing Vetstoria within their Veterinary Practices. I am also the main technical contact with our partners, ensuring smooth technical integration between Vetstoria and different Practice Management Software. If you require any information please contact me at"

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