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About us
On the move
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Vetstoria is an online portal to enable pet owners to securely access information about their pet, for example their health record and medication schedule. The Vetstoria portal also makes it effortless for pet owners to make contact with their veterinary practice.

You can access your Vetstoria profile on the move with your smartphone.

Vetstoria is free and registration is easy. Ask your veterinary practice to sign you up. You will receive an email to confirm registration and after few steps your profile will be complete, giving you immediate access to all Vetstoria services.

Get in touch with your vet
Ask questions and receive updates
Request appointments and receive reminders
Order medication and treatments
Manage your pet's health
Get online access to the health record
Maintain weight chart
Get vaccination, worming, and flea reminders
Keep track of your pet's life
Create and maintain photo albums
Record special moments on the online diary
Have access on your mobile